It was around August or September in 2017 when I first heard of and signed up for Out of Office Hours. I can’t even recall who told me about it, but I remember turning to Google for answers (like most of us do when we encounter burning life questions and/or can’t remember the name of that actor who looks familiar on that Netflix show we’re watching).

What I found was the implementation of a very simple, but beautiful idea: What happens when you facilitate dialogue between people who are just starting out in tech, and those who have been down…

Hey everyone, my name is Bella and I’m a User Experience (UX) Designer living in Vancouver, BC.

Recently, I’ve found myself attending more and more events organized by the local Tech and Design community. I love meeting and learning from new people, and it’s always a special treat to get that ‘AHA’ moment when someone asks a thought-provoking question or shares advice that resonates with me so much.

So far, I’ve just been scribbling what I’ve learned into the same notebook, hoping that future-me knows how to decipher those nuggets of wisdom AKA mess of random notes. Since I’ve been…

What if I told you that you could grow a garden from the comfort of your own kitchen?

The AVA Byte is an automated, indoor smart garden capable of year-round plant growth. It uses soil-free, compostable pods to grow a wide range of edible plants like herbs, microgreens, mushrooms, etc.

It’s been likened to a Nespresso machine, but for plant growing, with it’s focus on pods and it’s sleek, beautiful design. Through it’s use of hydroponics (growing plants without soil), the AVA Byte boasts high-speed plant growth and pesticide-free food ingredients for consumers.

Overall, a pretty exciting product. Take a…

Bella Margolles

UX Research

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