Some day’s I am overwhelmed with sensations of gratitude. It’s not something forced. It comes in waves alternating between warmth of appreciation for today, and shivers for the past I’ve overcome. I’m both elated for all that I hold close and feel deep sorrow in brief mourning of memories that lie deep in my conscious. Memories I push deeper and deeper away with each passing year. It’s a feeling that surprises me. It’s a feeling I am grateful to hold on to. It comes on the best days when I want to live in the joy of a moment in time for an eternity. An average day, that reminds me that the little things, the simple ones, are truly what matter. A laugh with a stranger, an experience that bonds you with a friend, a deep conversation and understanding with family, or just a look of adoration from the one you love. Sometimes even on a very stressful or difficult day I fill myself with gratitude to give myself the courage to overcome the challenges that await me. Today, I can feel that sensation as strong as ever. Gratitude comes in many forms. The universe has it’s way of allowing you to feel it, if you let it.