To that end, the USDS created an interview process that filters candidates by their ability to understand and empathize with others. “We deliberately ask ‘stupid’ questions,” explained USDS engineer Marianne Bellotti, a transplant from the technical team at the United Nations. Stupid, that is, if the question were asked in an interview at a place like Facebook. But more often than not, USDS engineers must interact with non-technical public servants who are ill at ease with technology and concerned about taking risks that might expose them to career-ending missteps. “If you as an engineer can’t explain something to someone in a way that is respectful and enthusiastic,” Bellotti continued, “or if you’re dismissive….you’re probably not going to work out here.”
To Fix Government Tech, Take Off the Headphones and Listen
John Battelle

This should be a staple tactic for interviewing technical talent!

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