Area woman receives breakup consolations from best friend entirely in leetspeak

“I’m sure what she said would have been helpful,” said recently dumped Sandra McCarthy of Cambridge, MA, “I just couldn’t understand it.”

“I tried translating it on the internet but, I mean, what am I? A robot?,” said McCarthy.

The text, a jumbled mess of numerals and special characters is written, not in gibberish, but in leetspeak, a language created by hackers in the 80s.

McCarthy confessed that as a teen with first generation helicopter parents, she was never permitted access to an AOL instant messenger account, and missed leetspeak’s resurgence during the early aughts, making the language and its concept utterly unintelligible to her.

This does not explain however why Kelly, who is not a hacker, would choose to use leetspeak in this sensitive situation.

Kelly declined to comment on the matter.

“Thanks to leetspeak not only do I still feel shitty about my break up, I also lost a friend,” said a disgruntled McCarthy.

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