Why Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Companies Fail

As a pet business coach, I hear it ALL.

“Well Rover is moving into my area and taking my clients or undercutting my prices”


“My area can’t support my charging a livable wage that I need to keep this business open.”


“I just don’t trust anyone so I will never hire.” and in the same breath, “I am so burnt out and I hate my clients!”

After coaching for over a decade, I have pretty much heard it all and made a few conclusions that some people don’t want to hear:

Not Everyone Is Cut Out To Be A Business Owner!

There is a reason why I can have two different people have two different outcomes. I teach them both the exact same lessons, with the exact same tactics, and the exact same resources. Person A will come back a 3 days later with all their home work and objectives blown through the water and Person B will tell me 1,000,000 reasons why it just couldn’t happen this week.

Guess who comes out the winner in their business?

One of them wants it bad and are connected to their WHY and the other isn’t. The lessons and tactics were equal but Person A wanted it more and wasn’t willing to let challenges stop them from moving forward. It brings me to my next conclusion:

I don’t believe that we can be taught to be an Entrepreneur.

In fact, that class in college makes me giggle.

How can you teach people an innate burning sensation in their belly? The one that makes you jump up with twice as much force as the force that pushed you down?

The answer? You can’t.
You either have it, or you don’t. And sometimes that is the toughest part as a business coach. I can only go 50% of the way and my clients have to meet me at their 50%. Granted, I have tried dragging some over the 50% line, but that never works.

{unhappy face}

You are either so hungry to “get it done” or you are going to be last in the class complaining that it is everyone else’s fault.

Business isn’t for the weak.

You have to embrace the word no, love rejection, and be fueled by challenges. If you can’t, you will have a rude awakening one day, ten years later, when you are working 10+ hours a day, your family doesn’t think you exist, you survive off of Red Bull, iced coffee, and drive through and your outlook on life has become so unhappy.

There is a reason why dog walking and pet sitting companies fail.

It is because so many people get into it because they “love the animals” and “want to provide a better solution that what is available for people when they go to work or on vacation.”

While that is all fine and dandy… that ain’t gonna get them out of the rat race.

That isn’t going to let them soar in the sky like an eagle. That isn’t going to allow you to get paid to take your families on extended trips, pay down your home, or save for your future.

That mentality will just get you to the next day.

So when you look back on your business and say “Shoot, I am in the same exact spot I was last year” please self reflect and realize that YOU are in control of your choices. YOU make it happen, or not. YOU make the plans, goals, and execute, or you don’t.

It is why one of my clients has grown to half a million dollars and my other client is still trying to decide what scheduling software to purchase.

Pet sitting and dog walking businesses fail because the person running them sabotages it all.

Bella Vasta is a business coach, Keynote Speaker, Author, and Host of the Podcast Bella in Your Business.