Milwaukee Public Market

Picking a single place to eat can be hard, especially when you’re traveling with friends or family. Whenever the group agrees on a restaurant after a lengthy debate, there’s always that one person that just won’t agree.

If you want sandwiches, they want sushi. If you want desert, they want a five course meal.

However, if you’re in Milwaukee, you can stop by the Milwaukee Public Market. The Milwaukee Public Market, often called the Public Market by natives, has a plethora of restaurants to choose from within the building. There’s seafood, sushi, pad thai, a cheese shop, spices, candy, fresh produce markets, and much more. You’re almost guaranteed to find something you like, or at least something you’d be willing to try.

The Public Market is the perfect place for anyone that’s indecisive or looking for more than one type of food. It’s almost always bustling with people too. People come and go as they please, choosing which stands to visit at their own lesiure.

Thai-namite, Milwaukee Public Market

I recently ate dinner at my favorite stand in the Public Market, Thai-namite. Thai-namite has been open for five years now, and serves both sushi and thai food.

I’ve tried both the sushi and the thai options on numerous visits. After careful consideration, I’ve finally decided that my favorite dish is the beef pad-thai. Made with slim noodles, vegetables, beef, and egg, the pad thai is full of flavor. While some people prefer to take the food and sit on the second level, I prefer to eat the food right there at the little bar they provide.

Although the food is delicious, nothing quite beats the experience of eating at the Public Market. Depending on the day, the Public Market could be filled to the brim with people or it could have a few people sitting at tables and working.

When the Public Market is alive, it feels like its own miniature city. People coming and going, a traffic flow between the shops. It’s so unique. It’s something that I haven’t been able to find before.

If you’re a tourist, the Public Market should be a definite stop on your visit. Whether it’s for lunch, dinner, a snack, desert, or even shopping, the Milwaukee Public Market is an extension of Milwaukee, bringing it’s unique aura to life through the vendors.

As a tourist, you should keep these few things in mind.

First, add a little extra time to look around when you visit. Everyone says they won’t want to walk around, and almost everyone is wrong. With so many things to see in such a confined place, you’ll most likely want to walk around the building a few times to see all of your options. Give yourself the extra time.

Next, don’t be afraid to talk to the vendors about their products. They’re usually more than happy to talk to you about the items that they’re selling. And almost all of them are more than happy to offer the information they have about their product. They love to help visitors.

Don’t be afraid to try new things. Go out of your comfort zone and try something that you may not normally try. The Public Market is the best place to try out new things. You may find something that you like.

Lastly, the Public Market is a really fun place, but it’s more fun with friends and family. Bring people that you genuinely want to spend time with. As an Italian I firmly believe that nothing is better than enjoying good food with good people. Bring your loved ones and have a nice dinner where everyone can get what they want.