College Struggles

How college makes student life difficult
 College is too damn hard for a freshman!! What I mean by that is a college freshman struggles very much during their first year at college because of all the demands. First of being where they came from can be a big factor in how they are prepared for college. Secondly, another big factor is students go out and party too much and find it hard to cope with social pressures making it difficult to balance their academics with their social life. Or they don’t understand, conceptually, quality vs quantity of work and how it applies to college. Finally, choosing a major plays a huge role in their struggles with the amount of stress it puts on the students.

Fundamentals of struggles:
 College freshman come from many different locations and this can influence on how they are prepared and readied for college. Freshman who come from the big city have a good amount of social aptitude, because their schools are much larger than suburban schools, and so they have a better idea of how social life will be in college and how to balance it with their academic life. However, their schools aren’t as funded and, there for, they aren’t academically prepared as well for college as students who come from suburban schools whose schools are funded a lot better. But because students who come from suburban schools come from much smaller schools they aren’t as well prepared for the social scene of college and don’t really understand of how to balance their academic and social life.

It doesn’t matter where you came from, the college social scene is different for everybody and who you associate yourself with really impacts if you party and how much you party. The party scene of college can be fun and all but you must be able to control yourself. Some people who were never exposed to parties during high school get to college and they just can’t control themselves and they’ll go too to many parties. Eventually they could start getting to much into other substances and this will overwhelm them and they will completely derail their academic track. Me personally I know someone who since coming to college has almost completely stopped going to class and hasn’t been able to balance his social life with his academic life. He is a perfect example of someone not knowing how to cope and deal with social pressures.

Meanwhile, a lot of first year students don’t fully understand the concept of quantity vs quality of work. What this really means is that in high school you brush the surface of a lot of different topics but don’t really go into much depth with them. While in college, students start out on the same idea but then it transitions into more quality of work and learning. What this part means is that as you progress through your freshman year, courses really start to dive into fewer subjects but into a much deeper level with each individual subject. But this is a tough transition for a lot of freshman who are used to more of the quantity of work and learning that they had in high school.

Lastly, choosing a major can be very difficult for college freshman, especially when it comes to understanding when it’s a good time and which one they should choose. A lot of college freshman stress about choosing a major, one that they’ll enjoy and will apply to what they want. A lot of freshman don’t know when they should choose one either, and this can play a huge role into their struggles and worries about the whole idea of a major. So, a lot of college freshman will choose a major to early and it most likely isn’t one they’ll want to stick with by the time they graduate.

 All in all, there are a lot of reasons as to why college freshman struggle, but the most apparent ones are where the student came from, how they cope with social pressures and balance their academic life, understanding quality of work and learning vs quantity of work and learning, and finally, choosing a major. Freshman life at college can be very fun but also very difficult, it’s a new adventure and with adventures comes hardships as well as fun discoveries.

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