In Our Family, My Brother Paid The Ultimate Price
Jordan Bray

Ms. Foster,

Thank you for sharing this piece of writing. I feel like if we ever had the chance to meet and know each other we would find a lot of similarities in our lives. This spoke to my personal journey in life, I also have a plan to publish a book about my family life, I work on it off and on. I find sometimes I can write a lot and then other times I have unfortunate writers block.. I wish that I could really get to know you. I would be very happy to hear more of your story and share some of mine. Maybe someday we will read one another’s books and be astounded by the amount of things we have in common…Wow!

If you are willing to maybe try to get to know me I’d be honored..I’m not scary or a bad seed I promise! 😃 Let me know I would be glad.