Taking Action.

Belle & Lamb is the eventual creation after months (probably years to be honest!) of talking about setting up a blog / way of documenting our journeys, adventures and random life musings.

Since having our babies and making the decision to leave the 9–5 rat race, we have found ourselves re-evaluating all that is central in our lives. We are focused on living in the present more than ever before and pursuing a simpler, more wholesome, emotionally fulfilling way of life.

We are friends and even though we are separated by 250 miles (of hellish motorway we may add!), we remain ‘brain twins’ despite having some very eclectic interests and passions.

Belle is all about being a free spirit in what can sometimes feel like a suffocating world. Breaking the mould and moving away from unquestioned expectations has become increasingly important to her, especially since having the responsibility of raising a human being who she wants to feel able to change the world should she so wish! Belle loves exploring / going on adventures and will be home educating her little person to enable this lifestyle to continue. Reading, participating in meaningful discussions about anything and everything and pursuing a frugal and greener way of living is also important to her.

Lamb loves crafting, thrifting & faffing about with old furniture. An avid journal writer and pursuer of all things mindfulness, faith and social justice. She’ll say herself she is a ridiculous ideas person with often zero motivation to get things going. Since becoming a mum, Lamb is trying to take on a slower pace of life and appreciate the smaller things for all that they are. She is an advocate for attachment parenting and baby-wearing, passionate about breastfeeding and gentle mothering.

So here we are, starting out on our blogging journey and hoping some of these ideas eventually get written for said blog. We are hoping to connect with lots of other like-minded folk, extend our hearts and grow our tribe.

Belle & Lamb x

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