I’m a black man. Here’s what happened when I booked an Airbnb.
Rohan Gilkes

As a white Australian female, I am quite simply disgusted at the level of parochial that goes on with race in the US. Of course there is racial tension every where in the world however not ever have I heard of this happening outside of the backwards, gun loving US. Free land? Pfft. How can you call your country the land of free when you wont accept a black man to stay in your home. I am proud to say we don’t shoot our black fellow citizens over selling CDs, having a broken taillight or something trivial like the so called American policemen that just blast away because they believe they have the God given right. There is something deeply rotten about America that even as a white person, I cannot understand. Behind the friendly, prosperous US, it is a very weird country. You have my respect. Do not let these fools get to you. P.s you’re welcome to Australia anytime :)

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