Mr Toad’s Wild Ride

God, where to begin? The last 24 hours has been something of a roller coaster. For those of you who aren’t often on Twitter, yesterday I was contacted by Twitter’s legal team, asking me to remove tweets which they felt contravened “Irish law.” I tweeted about it here, with screenshots.

This all relates back to a story I published here on Medium, and which Medium has since removed, because they are scaredy McFuckwits who think Olaf Tyaransen’s empty libel threats can, and should, silence me. (If you didn’t read that when it was on this site, it is now hosted on Maggie McNeill’s blog.)

So, the Twitter thing. Long story short, Twitter is based in the US and so am I. Olaf has never served me with a suit (though he has done to several people, all in Ireland, for RTing my tweets). The Irish law in question, defamation, is not relevant to either me or Twitter being as we’re in the States. They seem concerned about — god, I don’t even fucking know what. I dashed back a quick note assuring them the guy who writes grumpy letters to jerkoffs for me would be in touch. I haven’t actually written to said lawyer since the last time some thin-skinned lick of shite tried to wave a baseless libel threat at me, back in September or so, but he’s good at this stuff.

In the bigger picture this means I’m pretty much committed to that. To paying someone to explain to Twitter what they should already know… that as a platform which has long defended the free speech rights of all kinds of deplorables worldwide, bowing down to a baseless threat in a jurisdiction whose judgements — should any come into existence — are not enforceable here, is (to use the legal term) “fucking nonsense.”

I’ve started a GoFundMe to offset my legal fees, if you’re at all inclined to bung a few quid my way.