10 Steps to Improve Dressing for Plus Size Women

Many of us think that plus size women cannot be fashionable and cannot make any style statements like other women. But we are totally wrong. With stylish plus size clothing for women, a women can look more beautiful, stunning and make herself a grand style statement.

1. Say no to extremely tight fitting clothes — Women who are plus size should never use to wear tight fitting clothes, particularly if they are bit bulky. With such tight fitting attires, mainly the hips and the waist are accentuated making one look a bit fatter than ever.

2. Wear wrap dress to make yourself perfect — Plus size women should definitely have numbers of wrap dresses in their wardrobe. This dress can be adorned by women in all kinds of figures. All the extra fat hides under the dress beautifully & gives a stunning look in which women look more thin.

3. Dark colored jeans or leggings looks great — If you love wearing jeans or leggings, keep on wearing them. Remember to choose dark shades over lighter ones. As in Dark colored jeans you look slimmer & adorable.

4. Always try to wear high heeled shoes — Stop wearing absolute flats and chunky shoes if you are plus sized. These shoes emphasize the wide hips greatly. Wearing heels of minimum 2 inches is the best choice as they give illusion of long legs and make one look slim and sleek.

5. Try A-line dress which makes you look curvier & more stylish– Wearing an A-line dress and Italian linen dresses are just perfect for any type of a woman who is plus size. These dresses are thin at the waist and open up as they reach towards the bottom, so the large hips are concealed smartly. They look pretty and makes you comfortable at the same time.

6. Wear dark bottoms and light tops — This technique is great if you want to make an illusion of slim figure inspite of being oversized. Light colored tops and dark colored bottom wear are perfect combination for women in plus size. Great collection of plus size clothing is available online with different design & patterns.

7. Refrain from horizontal stripes — Whatever be the kind of Lagenlook Clothing you choose for your plus size figure, try to choose dresses that come with horizontal stripes. Horizontal stripes give effects of greater width, particularly at the chest, waist and hip area, making you look fatter by quite a means.

8. Say No to baggy clothing — Many plus size women wear oversized baggy clothing to hide their flabbiness. As these clothes makes one look bigger and should be avoided. So say no to baggy clothes.

9. Focal point on the top — Whether you love wearing women’s cashmere jumpers or other kinds of tops, make sure that they are stylish and should have an attractive point so that the attention does not go down to the over-sized hips. Tops with embroideries, embellishments in the bust area are preferred. Wear multiple piece necklaces instead of one solid chain which looks great on you.

10. Try to Avoid jackets and blazers ending at the hips — Jackets and blazers usually end at the hips so avoid wearing them. If you like wearing them, buy the ones that are little longer so that the hip area is covered and the end comes below the hip line.

Try these tips and see how smart and stylish you look even in your plus size figure.