Is Profemin Safe for Women With Menopause?

What is Profemin?

In order to answer safety questions about Profemin, we must first understand what this product actually is. Profemin is a dietary supplement designed to help women better manage the symptoms of their premenopausal and menopausal periods.

Menopause is a fact of life for every woman in the world. It usually occurs after the age of 45, but can appear even sooner or much later. There is no fixed date in a woman’s life for when the symptoms of menopause will start showing.

Each woman is different, and has her specific hormonal and chemical profile within the body. Together with other factors, these individual characteristics determine the approximate age when menopause can appear.

Premenopause is the phenomenon which occurs a couple of years before menopause starts to set in. Its symptoms are lighter, but can still affect your quality of life and decrease it in a noticeable way.

Profemin has been developed under strict medical supervision, with the specific intent of helping women ease the symptoms of menopause and premenopause, in a non-harmful, risk free way. Excellent results with zero health risks, this is the idea on which Profemin was developed on.

Is Profemin Safe?

The answer is Yes, Profemin is safe for all women who are suffering from the symptoms of menopause and premenopause.

This dietary supplement is made from all natural ingredients and extracts. These ingredients are plants grown in sustainable and organic plantations, under controlled conditions, and quality checked periodically in order to ensure top quality for maximum results.

The ingredients from which Profemin is made are the following:

  • Angelica Gigas
  • Cyanchum Wilfordii
  • Phlomis Umbrosa

These are natural plants which, combined together in the Profemin proprietary formula, safely and efficiently tackle the symptoms of premenopause and menopause.

This product does not use hormones, chemicals, or toxins to eliminate or treat menopause. Only natural ingredients are used in order to assure the complete safety of this product for every woman taking it. Natural ingredients always lead to natural and safe results, this is the main idea behind this dietary supplement.

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