PDES in HK: Day 2

Our first full day in Hong Kong started out slowly (PS: I’m skipping Day 1, since Sunday and Monday were basically merged into one, long travel day). Due to some jet lag and excitement for the next morning, I fell asleep at 1 AM and managed to wake up (and stay awake) at 5:15 AM. 7:45 AM rolled around and Brooke and I went downstairs to have breakfast, which was surprisingly savory. We were also given our design challenge — a power bank/portable charger.

We slowly made our way to Victoria Peak, riding on the metro and stopping at landmarks along the way. The views were spectacular, if only it were less foggy.

After a long bus ride back to lower ground, we finally ate lunch on the Michelin Mile. Though our chopstick skills could use a little work, the taste of the food was worth the struggle.

Lunch was followed up by some shopping at PMQ, where we looked at a bunch of locally-designed jewelry and clothing and whatnot. I noticed that simple and geometric was a trend in the area, as well as blocky colors and simpler patterns.