I Can No Longer Defend the Janesville Buffalo Wild Wings — A Yelp Review by Paul Ryan

Dear friends and fellow Yelpers,

After much prayer and consideration, I have come to the decision that I can no longer defend the actions of the Janesville Buffalo Wild Wings.

But let me be clear — this does not mean that my family and I will stop eating there two, maybe three, times a week.

I acknowledge that I’ve never had the easiest of relationships with this Buffalo Wild Wings. When we first visited, it took 45 minutes to get a table. Our curly fries were cold. I ordered traditional wings, but instead they gave me a plate of boneless wings and said these ones “fit” me better.

Still, I gave it five stars.

My reasoning was simple: while I had my disagreements with this particular Buffalo Wild Wings, I was committed to promoting the ideals of Buffalo Wild Wings throughout the Southeastern Wisconsin area. If I failed to support the Janesville Buffalo Wild Wings, what would become of the exemplary Buffalo Wild Wings of Kenosha? Racine?

I did what I had to do.

But the problems continued. I was brought blue cheese when I asked for ranch. I never received a single straw. They repeatedly called me Bill, despite the fact that I signed our checks in block lettering and had my wife laugh and say “Oh Paul!” every time the waitstaff walked by our table.

On our last visit, there was a $75 charge for something called a “Big Fat Baby.” Not only did we not order this, but I know for a fact that the Buffalo Wild Wings menu does not feature an item titled “Big Fat Baby.”

Incensed, I walked up to the waitress and demanded to know what a “Big Fat Baby” was. She pointed at me and screamed “You!” The entire staff started laughing; soon the rest of the restaurant joined in.

I promptly paid my bill, left a 25% tip, and stormed out in a rage.

This place is full of cruel, dimwitted monsters who think only of themselves. If you continue to support this business, you will only be helping to spread hatred, and worse, poor customer service throughout the Upper Midwest.

Please do not eat at this Buffalo Wild Wings.

But if you do, try to stop by on a Wednesday or a Friday. I’ll be there, and would greatly appreciate it if you said “Hi Paul!” as loud as you could.

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