Weinstein Isn’t The Only One: Screen Celebs Who Abuse Women or Children
Beth Winegarner

Im sorry but I need to call you out on a few things. Jared Leto has never been accused of rape there I said it. The article you referred to was written by a non professional who was swooping around tumblr and found a rape fantasy and didn't quote the whole thing. She conveniently left out parts where she writes “he spanked me and it was so hot” and left out “If you can handle a big dick I’d say go for it”. That is not a rape victim.

She also swooped around groupie gossip blogs, they are not reliable sources that’s the first rule of journalism. Her article came across as I don’t like Jared Leto let me quote something and damn his name without any actual evidence.

No one has come forward. This was just an excuse to get clicks and use a very sensitive subject matter. You can even check the comments in the article that say they read those stories on fan fiction websites.

That article is insult to real rape victims and sexual assault survivors and to be perfectly honest I’m a little disappointed you didn’t pick up on that. Oh and also how there was this girl who was supposedly in a relationship no strings attached deal for five years and yet somehow its the equivalent to what roman polanski did. That right there tells you a very immature person wrote that

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