Not to ruin your fantasy but having had 1 on 1 interactions with him in a public place I can tell…
Stephanie Bell

Ruin my fantasy?

I point out something terrible and I’m in a fantasy? Wow just wow. If you didn’t get it, then maybe you shouldn’t of commented.

Let me clarify, somebody wrote a bunch of stuff that didn’t happen, a bunch of girls wrote they had been raped and it was cute and hot all at the same time, a terrible person wrote a terrible article about how brave they were for sharing there harrowing stories using convenient parts but not the whole thing which was sssooo not clickbait at all, using a sensitive topic for clicks. I mean who does that right? She was just plain nasty throughout and had incorrect info about other accused celebs.

I also think the person who wrote that terrible article doesn’t write for them anymore as she got pointed out in the comment section what she had done and coincidentally her writings had become less frequent and frequent. She’s not a professional writer but a student so here’s hoping she gets her degree. Maybe they’ll teach her how to be a good journalist.

Anyway, Somebody wrote a list with celebrity men who may have or may not of done something terrible and referred to perhaps one of the worst articles ever written and unconfirmed reports regarding others (because as she has stated this isn’t journalism but we should all take her word for it). Because why have facts when you can have opinions?

Because why not be somewhat hopeful that the fact that Harvey Weinstein has been outed as a sexual predator. Why not be hopeful that some people may finally get what they’ve wanted for past as I believe 30 years they might never have to hear is his name again at an award show in praise. He may finally get what’s coming to him. Why not be happy that there are women finally coming forward about harassment and start showing support. No let’s throw a pity party and lump everyone altogether including people who tell unfunny rape jokes but not female comedians because that would be just wrong.

Lets throw in people who’s accusations have been proven false over the years. Lets lump unconfirmed reports with confirmed reports. Lets completely ignore the disturbing amount of young women who write death and rape fantasies that go viral because teenage girls and take everything we read at face value. Lets add celebrities on the list as more suggestions come in where they’ve actually done terrible things because people in the comments have pointed them out. Even though who ever made the list could of quite easily looked it up and could of avoided this whole conversation by having actual facts rather than internet fodder.

Lets believe everything we read on the internet because if it’s on the internet it must be true.

Just so you know if that story you told me did indeed happen then he was a total jerk. Although I find it hard to believe there wasn't a promoter of some kind doing that job. But who knows it’s been 17 years since then he’s probably changed and is way more chill.

Anyway take care xxx