Are You Doing Enough Pointable Things?

You already do things. Make more of those things pointable.

Aug 4 · 2 min read

Do you want to post and publish more? Do you want to be more prolific as a writer, artist or creative?

Finding a higher degree of “pointability” in everything you do could be the answer.

Here’s what I mean by pointability:

Ideas you write on your laptop screen, activities you document in audio or video form, art and photography you personally create — all these have the potential to be “pointable things.”

Anything you can gesture towards and say “I did that” is a pointable thing.

Anything of your own making that you can share with others is a pointable thing.

Pointable things are proof you deliver results.

Right now, you are reading my own latest pointable thing. This article was merely an idea in the Bellkirk notebook until I typed it out on Medium and hit the Publish button.

Let’s look at three examples of pointability I came across this week:

1. On Goodreads, the book Within the Context of No Context by George W. S. Trow:

2. A quote post on Instagram by Gary Vaynerchuk (“When You’re Grateful, You See Full Cups”):

3. An episode of the Influenced podcast by Tom Kuegler, Michael Thompson, Brian Pennie and Liz Huber on Anchor:

Screenshot via

All these wonderful things wouldn’t exist if their creators hadn’t taken the actions that made them “pointable”.

So if you’re an entrepreneur, writer or content producer of any kind, a key question to ask is:

Am I doing enough pointable things in my life?

Take the actions that make what you do more shareable and valuable to the world. It’s a simple mindset shift because you’re already doing things.

Just start making more of those things pointable.

Christopher Bellkirk

Written by

Always against emptiness. Writing about creativity, self-improvement, poetics and personal growth.

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