Maybe magic markers really *are* a best in class data access control tool.

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When I was asked to start the Identity team at Rebellion Defense my first thought was “do we need a whole team to do that?” After all, we weren’t going to build our own sign-on system when there were so many companies that focus on identity as their core product. It seemed like all that needed to be done was to select the appropriate tool, set it up and make sure it was maintained. That should be simple.

But to paraphrase the military theorist Carl von Clausewitz: In war all the simple things are difficult. …

Before ‘cyber’ was a prefix for everything internet and computers, it was how mathematicians were going to conquer the world.

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Technology vector created by upklyak

I first encountered the word cybernetics while reading Benjamin Peters’s account of the Soviet Union’s attempts to invent the internet, How Not to Network a Nation (still a little disappointed that MIT didn’t spell it Nyetwork, come on!)


Marianne Bellotti

Lover of legacy systems and complex system failure. Opinions my own.

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