I Love You

I know I am in love when…

  • I find you attractive no matter what you do (even long after the initial honeymoon period)
  • I genuinely want to spend the rest of my life with you — not due to any realistic concerns (e.g. you’re super rich or of high social status or slim and sexy like a model or… you get my point), nor anything like “you have been so nice to me so I shall remain in this relationship”
  • I am willing to do things for you (being your personal masseuse — not even my parents are getting such luxurious service)
  • I love to spend time with you (even if we are just playing Xbox or watching TV from decades ago)

It’s not like I don’t get irritated easily. But with you, I feel calm for most of the time. I don’t feel like I have to tolerate… or maybe I did give in but the process happened so naturally that I didn’t even think much about it. This is one core reason why I treasure my current relationship so so much. And I highly doubt I could feel the same toward another person on earth in this life. You made it easy for my heart to spell out “I love you” frequently. So despite I’ve repeatedly told you so: I love you.

(Sometimes I do wonder if my partner feels the same — what are the odds that both persons get the same level of satisfaction in a relationship? Anyhow, I truly hope everyone gets to be with the right person — remember it’s not just someone who loves you, but also someone you love.)

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