Dear America: Meet Bernie Sanders. Properly, this time.
Emil Mella

Another terrific one on Bernie Sanders, Mella. I wonder if people really consider the background of Bernie Sanders, and all his hard work and dedication to this country and its people, going back to his days, as Mayor of Burlington, and his tenure throughout his years in the Senate. No one, but no one, has worked harder to fight for what is fair and right for the people and the country …. his efforts to support the now decimated middle-class and the less fortunate …. acting as a kind of steadfast “gatekeeper” on their behalf. Through all these years, Bernie Sanders has been true unto himself, his convictions, concerns, and he is a principled man, incredible stamina, and one of unquestionable integrity. Not only do I think he is the best President this country could possibly have … his dedication to the people and the country over these many years have more than earned him that position.

Those wanting to know more about Bernie … go to and read all about him at “Meet Bernie.”

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