Dialogues Cafe — Your new hangout place!

Image source: LBB

Have you been looking for a quiet place where you can read a book while having your coffee or much on some delicious sandwiches as you work? The one place where you can spend quality time? Your search ends at The Dialogues Cafe, in Koramangala.

This wonderful place, among the many other things, is known best for it’s pricing structure. Yes, you read that right! At Dialogues, you don’t pay for the food you eat or your drink, but for the time you spend there. As they say-

Everything here is absolutely free, except your time.

For those of you who love to connect with the surroundings and enjoy the breeze, they have an amazing rooftop as well. We know that Bengaluru is a hub for IT, innovation and a lot of technology. We’ve probably heard that a lot of startups have grown from coffee shop brainstorming. You’d love to know that Dialogues has super fast WiFi as well!

If you’re still wondering what exactly is Dialogues-

Dialogues is a social place where people can meet, dream discuss and share ideas. It is a social experiment intended to bring like-minded people together. It is a place which becomes the way you want it to be. It can be a café, a cyber café, a classroom, a workplace, a games parlour, a library, a corporate board room.

For all the Belongers, we’d love to announce that Dialogues is a Belong Club Spot. So what does this mean? You flash your Belong profile and you get exclusive discounts at Dialogues. Be it work, fun or just some quality time for yourself -walk in to Dialogues in Koramangala and enjoy the experience.

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