Licensed Private Pilot to a full time Beer Evangelist

I’ve studied Aerospace Engineering and hold a degree in Remote Sensing/Geography from the University of Arizona. I’m a licensed private pilot with night rating around 175 hours total time from the Brampton Flying Club, Canada. I’ve a background in Sales & Marketing/Territory Management — Tailored Clothing, Cars, Computer Hardware, Software As a Solution. I’ve lived outside india for 25 years, across Qatar, USA and Canada.

I’ve been a Beer drinker since I was 16. I’m almost 40 now. My palate for Beer has developed over the course of the last 20 plus years and I most recently served on the consumer panel for Molson Canada for 3 years — Canada’s second largest brewery doing taste tests, focus groups, marketing & ad feedback and brewery tours. This is something I did when I wasn’t flying at flight school. I decided to terminate my commercial pilot training in early 2014, almost a year after I lost my father and there was a need for someone in the family to return to India to look after family assets.

On my return to India in 2014, pursuing a career in an airline would have been painful and a further financial drain. I did some freelance consulting for a year and then tried to go back to the corporate world after starting my blog but hated it. I decided to quit and continue blogging and doing workshops full time. Bangalore had quite a few brewpubs by then but online food portals had reviews where individuals were happily writing about food and cocktails but nothing about the quality of the beers on tap at various brewpubs in the city. Somebody had to go change that and educate people in the process.

I named my blog Tales Of Froth for a simple reason. Most people have this misconception that a Beer should be served without any foam/head/froth which is just wrong! A Beer should be served with at least 2 fingers or an inch of froth to bring out the full spectrum of flavors, preserve carbonation and look visually appealing! The blog has expanded and I am now venturing into publishing and have partnered to launch a new Beer magazine for India. I am also entering the consulting side of the business — equipment supply and staff training.

My day begins around 9–10am responding to social media posts, emails and answering phone calls. These could be from PR companies, people I’m working on events with, new leads for consulting. My phone and laptop are heavily used and there I am constantly bombarded with messages. The rest of my day is spent planning blog posts, writing and now planning for our magazine. Typically, I am quite busy from Wed — Sunday with evening outings. These could be new restaurant/bar launches or events centered around alcohol/beer or my own events that I host. I also routinely travel now to cities such as Mumbai, Pune and Gurgaon to either host or attend events there.

I have met fellow beer enthusiasts across the country and alcobev bloggers/writers and of course brewers and brewpub owners as well as others in the industry. India’s beer knowledge has a long way to go but there are consumers now showing more interest in understanding what’s in their glass and how it got there! Beer is the buzz word at the moment particularly Craft Beer especially in the media, which is great! India now has over 60 plus brewpubs in cities such as Gurgaon, Chandigarh, Mumbai, Pune & Bangalore with new brewpubs springing up in Hyderabad and Kolkata.

I plan to continue blogging, consulting and publishing, travel across India and the world talking about Beer and Craft Beer, sharing that love for Beer with people all over the world. This is a journey of continual learning and will never stop. Beer is a vast, complex beverage with thousands of different styles and flavor profiles. Perhaps one day, I would look into owning my own brewpub or a few of them -time will tell!

John Eapen,
Beer Evangelist

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