Sea port to starting Cafe Nation

I hail from Vijayawada city in Andhra Pradesh. I’ve done my graduation in Chennai and then moved to Visakhapatnam. I worked at the sea port for 3 years. Vishakhapatnam was a great city and the job was good. However, I was feeling miserable with the daily routine and wanted to do more in life. I knew this wasn’t something I would see myself doing in a couple of more years. I made up my mind and quit my job. I didn’t have an answer to the most popular question at that phase of life- “What next?”.

I then moved to Bangalore. This is a city with a lot of opportunity, in terms of jobs and a good place to meet new people from a diverse background. I was always a coffee lover. I’ve always had an undying love for coffee and was interested in trying out different types of coffee.

They say that every great idea starts over a cup of coffee, but in my case, it was on coffee!

I wanted to offer a very selective, unique and tingling range of coffee for the coffee lovers in the city that keeps them going throughout the day! I considered opening a franchisee, but that had a lot of formality. Finally, with the support of my family and friends, I started my own place. A pit stop for not only your daily coffee fix, but also continental breakfast, varieties of chocolate desserts for chocolate lovers and amazing burgers(or pizza depending on your liking). This is exactly what Cafe Nation is- a place where people can chat, work , sleep & play!

Being a foodie myself, I’ve loved hanging around in Koramangala. So what better place for Cafe Nation than Koramangala- the hub of food lovers. Our plans for CafeNation is to introduce new variety of amazing dishes and types of beverages for all the wonderful people who come in. Do visit Cafe Nation and give us your feedback. We’re also a Belong Club Spot, so Belongers get a special discount here. If you’re around, come by and say HI!


Founder, Cafe Nation

Belong username: sidhuraj

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