Tale of an illustrator and dog mommy

I was born and brought up in Abu Dhabi, the last of three children to lovely parents. I love my siblings to death! Through the course of my childhood, I thought I’d be anything from a nun, to joining the army, to an engineer, to an accountant, to a veterinarian!

The art teacher of my school realized that I probably was the only one whose eyes gleamed over when I saw images. I was really interested in drawing for the bulletin boards and school magazine as well!

She told me-

“I would waste my life if I didn’t do something in art.”

I went to design school. But when I left, I realised illustrating was what I was really interested in and was for me. I worked at cafes, a bank, a start up and five years ago I started freelancing and I’ve been the happiest I’ve ever been!

Over the years, I think I’ve become a bit more fluent in drawing and in execution of illustrations. I have a style that I use all the time and also, I’m super well versed in executing a project from briefing to sending for print. These are things I learnt on the job and with time.

Currently, for work, I’m illustrating a children’s book for a client, an online campaign drawing, a screencasting experiment, a bunch of drawings for an article and a few Diwali products for the online store. My store has taken a life of it’s own so I’m planning to grow organically but to nurture that growth.

Personally, I’ve started yoga again after 6 months. I’m also trying new baking recipes every weekend, finishing up a book, writing my monthly letters, hemming a few clothes and learning to use a new software.

My future plans would be to hopefully, to start new and exciting projects and learn to pipe icing a bit better.

Alicia Souza,
Website & store

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