Did you say BELONGSHIP ? …

I like the word, but it doesn’t exist, does it?

Belong … ship, like leadership, partnership, ownership?

We describe Belongship as a state of consciousness that connects the individual and the collective.

Belongship is the expression of the interwoven purposes of the individual and the organisation.

Belongship is about finding the balance between ME and WE, self and others, interconnection and independence.

Belongship only exists in the present moment, it describes an inner balancing act between interconnection and self-authority.

Developing the Belongship within an organisation results in a new paradigm of leadership at the individual level. At the collective level, it gives rise to a new standard of performance, unleashing the power of the tribe.

1# a new collective performance standard

Belongship practices develop key skills at 3 levels.

At the individual level, it reinforces self-authority and whole presence, enabling each person to understand their role in the collective, and their interactions with the broader eco-systems within which they operate. This in turn helps them to foster response-ability, the ability to control their responses and ensure they further the organisation’s purpose.

At the team level, Belongship empowers the individual to move beyond the personal to a powerfully generative group identity. All of the team members are accountable to the whole, and co-responsible for it. The team is able to develop a group response, thus strengthening the collective responsiveness.

As for the organisation itself, it starts to operate as a living system converging in one direction, and constantly reshaping to adopt its most sustainable beneficial form. At every moment and across the whole organisation the question “What is needed?” is upheld. Authority is distributed across the organisation

2# Leadership is dead, long live Belongship

Nature doesn’t need conventional management processes to coordinate a flock of birds or a school of fishes, so why would humans? A new paradigm of leadership is needed in today’s turbulent context.

To begin with, Leadership was crafted around companies. It was formal and hierarchical, with strictly delineated lines of accountability — think of Jack Welsh, Carlos Goshn, …

Then, Self-Development created better leaders. Leadership became self-centred and individualized — think of Richard Branson, Bill Gates and WhatsApp founders Jan Koum and Brian Acton, as philanthropic as they are business-centric, as generous as they are sharp and ambitious.

Today, Belongship addresses the tensions between the structure and the people. It is the collective and responsive expression of leadership, owned by each member, whose individual purposes allow each part to grow and thrive, then interweave and align around the sustainable growth of the organisation.

“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take the helm.” Henrik Ibsen

Originally published at www.belongship.com on February 17, 2016.