Learning expedition — note to team #6

A ‘woww’ morning with Samuel Rozenberg, chapter manager at Spotify NYC.

We put our seatbelts on and took-off in one of “the coolest places on earth to work”, as one employee told us in the elevator.

Past the entrance, the cantine & concert stage, giant Spiderman welcomed us back-stage. We took the elevator down to the engineers’ floor and landed in a stunning welcoming place to co-work: the vinyl room, the quiet library, the gaming room, the working booths, the squad spaces, …etc.

And this is just the container for the culture and the work.

We witnessed how a responsive organisation works, how the culture and associated behaviours are key to success, how employee development is a real asset and what it takes to get there.

The main learning we gained:

  • Walk the talk: Spotify really walks the talk, not like most of the pyramid or skyscraper organisations. The culture is the key to success.
  • Engineers vs others: Spotify and its engineering culture are challenged by growth — new roles, new chapters & tribes, different eco-systems. Can they accept a two-speed organisation? Of course not, they are aware of the impact it has on their performance and really work on how to scale their organisation & ways of working.
  • Geography of talents: Stockholm, NYC, Boston, SF, .. instead of bringing the talents to the company, Spotify went to where the talents were located.

How will we apply this learning?

  • Impeccable — building on the learning on positivity, being impeccable in our actions to co-create.
  • Walk our talk — first by applying what we preach to ourselves in every single moment.

More to come on this morning at Spotify…

Originally published at www.belongship.com