Learning expedition — note to team #7

A resonant and purposeful meeting with The Ready and part of the team Aaron Dignan, Sam Suplin, Oday Kamal and Katheryn Maloney

It was the last part of our learning expedition; we thought the climax of our journey was the meeting with Spotify earlier that morning. What an assumption!

At The Ready trendy & welcoming co-working space, we met an inspiring team with a clear vision and a resonant purpose.

Aaron filled the space with his presence and dedication; we both had the feeling that we met someone with a brother/similar energy to our own. As we started that meeting, we could feel the almost childlike excitement for the playdate ahead of us!

The main learning we gained:

  • Ego vs Team: together, we address this question of how can ego & team co-exist. We are carried by a noble purpose, passionate about the work we do and delivering the message we believe in. Exposing ourselves … there is a thin line between serving self and serving the team and even beyond. Interesting exploration.
  • Tension: despite this amazing feeling of being with the tribe, the discussion sometimes created some tension. By processing it with authenticity, the discussion took a different turn.
  • Brand: The Ready manages their brand in order to accomplish their vision. A lot of good practices to learn from.

How will we apply this learning?

  • Process the tension — and trust what will unfold.
  • Branding — work both on company & personal branding.
  • And once again, connect more with our tribe.

Originally published at www.belongship.com