3 Perspectives Triangulate Overwhelm

3 Perspectives Overcome Overwhelm

UrbanDictionairy.com definition of Overwhelm:

“A mixture of depression and stress. You feel like you want to cry because you have so much that is on your mind.

I’m so overwhelmed. I have too much on my mind.”

Overwhelmed, frustrated, confused, feeling stuck?

You are not alone. Information overload climbed into bed with me last night, and was there when I woke up early this morning. Triangulation resolved it. Possibly it will help you too. ❤

Tightrope walking between one or two points of view can be a real dilemma. Losing balance becoming rigidly polarizing and damningly dualistic. Nauseating on a sea of disruptive change devoid of inherent tone and rhythm.

How then to restore balance and peace of mind?


Triangulation offers a refocusing. Restoring clarity of who you Be. Going within that you do not go without. Revealing what to do next, or not. Un-damn the river of your life restoring its inherent fluidic flow.

Then without limits, view again the original first and second perspectives, sail on a smoothly flowing sea with calmer waters of mind. Because the micro first and second perspectives expand, form a triangle, giving birth to a spiraling motion, offering you a Macro-making third perspective.

You can do this by yourself.

(Though exponentially more creative and empowering in a shared process of Triangulation and Choreography. Ask to know more about how we can help you experience this for yourself.)

Geometrically, One is like a dot. Two becomes a line between two dots. Three perspectives offers you precise navigation to avoid the rocks of overwhelm.

When you have a sense of one, two and three, re-approach the original first perspective knowing that two additional perspectives will follow to set the dot into an infinite fluidic spiral flow. The second waypoint will now have a momentum to it. Knowing a third perspective is to follow.

Then go around the topics, waxing on, waxing off. A repeating new dance begins one, two and three. Ideally find the shared unity. A centerpoint of gravity, a mastery of balance in motion upon any chosen topic.

If dancing alone is not your thing. Invite one or two others to join you in sharing perspective. Now you are engaging what Napoleon Hill in his famous book “Think and Grow Rich” referred to as “The Power of the Mastermind.”

Mastery is at hand and under foot when you triangulate your overwhelm. Together or alone. You begin reaching for the meaning of what I believe William Shakespeare meant by, “To Be Or Not To Be…”

Be creative about different ways you can triangulate.

Prayer, Scripture Reading, Journaling, Google Searching Keywords (Click as well on “Images” at top of search page results, pictures worth thousands and thousands of words :-), Searching keywords on Twitter, and especially Pinterest is a personal favorite… etc. etc. etc.

(See Pinterest: belovedmiracles for examples of our triangulation story boards)

There really is no limiting how 3 perspectives triangulate overwhelm.

Do you have any favorite ways that you triangulate overwhelm?

Share them with us. Leave a comment below. So we can triangulate with you. Inspire us with what works best from your unique one-of-kind perspective.

“Together, We Overcome.”

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