3 Steps to Be…Loved.

How to Be Loved. (Not, How to “Have” Love. Or How to “Do” Love.)

Step #1

“Verb” emphasis, the “ACTION” word. Which often goes unnoticed in the word be-loved. “Ready, Set…Action.” What typically comes to mind when you first think of love? Is it to…Have-love, Do-love or Be-love… first?

If we assume all three are involved which one do you start with?

Have-Do-Be? Have-Be-Do? Do-Have-Be? Do-Be-Have? Be-Do-Have? Be-Have-Do? Almost like bad love-song lyrics! :-)

HINT 1: Imagine Buddha in front of you…How Would He Begin?

HINT 2: Goals typically are about Do-ing, and Have-ing.

To BE or not To BE, That is the Answer! BE! Shakespeare had it right. Buddha lived it. Ghandi said it, “BE the change you want to see in the world.” Christ’s example shines the Infinite Intent of BEing…BE the Love of God, God is Love. Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God.”

Step #2

Go Within. So that you do not go without…

“Beloved, It is more blessed to give then to receive. The great out-pouring currents of God’s love is continually being offered to all, but until you open up your heart, that you, in turn might give it out, there is no blessing in it. Your blessing is not in the receiving of this great love. It is always there for you to receive. It is in your seeking to give it that brings the blessings and starts the great inflowing, outflowing of its great healing glory. As you give this love it pours out to you and out from you, bringing the healing first to you, then to those whom you love, and then to those who have hated you. It washes away all hates, all discords, all confusion, all lack and imperfection. And the greater your love the more far reaching it will be and the greater the blessings it will carry upon its wings.” p. 135 Annalee Skarin, To God The Glory

Go Within, Because…Attempting to Become Something Will Not Bring You To Be Loved.

For Example…A car is never becoming a car. It is a car. Becoming anything is about Change. Change is typically about How to Improve something.

That is NOT what we are talking about here…You Simply “Be” Loved By Going Within Beloved.

Step #3

What does it mean to be you? (It is your natural state after all.)

Like a seed be a seed, and a flower be a flower, you be you.

To “Be” something you really don’t have to do anything. (Becoming is about what you Do, BE-ing only asks you to Be. :-))

If this seems a bit confusing at first it’s because…To Be is an internal state (it’s a less concrete-experience) -VS- Becoming which is an external state (it tends to be more concrete).

Trust the heart of your intuition and “gut sense” taking these 3 Steps so you can be loved without delay.

To Be is who, what or how you are at THIS point in time. It’s the state you are in, IN THE PRESENT MOMENT (Past & Future have no bearing on your Being :-))

To Be has nothing to do with change. To Be is About Transformation!

For example, A seed was always a flower. It was just in a different state of BEing.

Simply Be So You Can Be Loved.

Like the flower, it’s about Transformation. Transformation isn’t about change or becoming or improvement. Transformation is about…Fulfilling and Realising Your True Inner Potential.

1. Be (However You Are Feeling Now is a Perfect Place to Start.)

2. Do (Go Within And Receive, That You Do Not Go Without.)

3. Have (Because It’s Your Natural State to Be Loved. :-))

Be, Do, Have your beloved experience of perfected love in your relationship with yourself, and others.

Nurture These 3 Steps to sprout you Being Loved Personally, and Professionally.

So You Can Reach For The Sun With…Belief, Gratitude and Praise Soaring Upon Your Wings of Love! Give and receive beloved miracles and all the divine fruits of perfected love with yourself and in your relationships. It holds Infinite Potential to successfully overcome any challenge.

Then, Eternal Sacred Love Shared With a Beloved Can Have You Reaching Well Beyond Time and Space. So you can experience Beloved Miracles which Power-Up Infinite Intent supporting, balancing and harmonising the full blossoming of your one of a kind sacred love alchemy. Experiencing a human love with eternal power of commitment and follow through.

“…The body contains the necessary equipment and conditions the soul requires to overcome. Overcome what, you ask? Overcome the self, the little mortal, ego-filled self that, in its pride and bigotry and sensual lusts blocks the way to heaven…” p. 123 Annalee Skarin “To God The Glory”

Like a Hole in the Ocean Which Immediately Fills, Let Go and Let God. So you can love and be loved with the capacity of the sea, sharing the Infinite’s resonance of “Tonal Luminosity.”

Nurturing Your Belief, Developing Faith, Knowledge & Power. A Power to Love unconditionally, and without pain.

So You Can Take Your Experience of Love to the Next Level…

Because the heart speaks with words the mind knows nothing of.

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