Social Media Marketing Success Lies in Authenticity
Cammy Murray

I appreciate how you have helped me to dig deeper into why I have never felt much at home on Linkedin. Much of what you have offered here rings true in my experience as well. Raises more questions though…

  • With such a Huge Group Mindset now on Linkedin, is it even possible to be authenticly heard in a meaningful way among such numbers of noise?
  • Gary on the DailyVee recently had an episode titled “Purging the Posers.” How might that occur at Linkedin?
  • Somewhat of a spin-off of Linkedin’s crowd can be found at another interesting site of “professionals” over at Founders Dating. In attempts to authentically reach out to members there, my actions were punished as “spamming.” System controls and members who are shocked awake by hustle as best I can understand it. My attempt to apologize and gain further understanding of how to be social upon there platform have not been responded to. With such limited “Listening” how can individuals receive feedback upon being authentic, in any way that is not simply interpreted by “The System” as being disruptive?