An overview of belt conveyors

A Belt Conveyor is a system that consists of two or more pulleys and an endless loop of a carrying medium. Belt Conveyors are basically used to transport different materials from one place to another over relatively short distances and thus save on the cost of production. If properly designed, a Belt Conveyor can be used for a very long term. It is a cheap as well as a quick way of transporting materials. It is very important for an industry to choose the right type of Belt Conveyor as using a wrong Belt Conveyors can result into significant damage to the products as well as to the safety of the workers. Once chosen which kind of belting to be used in the industry, one must also know how to maintain it. There are different types of belting that are available in the market and some of them are:


These types of belts are widely used in industries such as mining, crushers, thermal plants, cement plants, fertilizer plants, steel plants etc. They are made up of an inner carcass and outer cover with using materials like nylon, polyester, rubber, leather etc. They have some good qualities that are they have high friction for inclining and declining, are oil resistant etc.


They are generally used in extreme environments. The industries in which they are generally used are glass and ceramics industry, food processing industry, metal working industry, electronics industry etc.


They are light in weight, durable as well as reliable belts that are used in industries such as manufacturing, packaging, pharmaceuticals, food production etc. Roller Belts are also known as MicroSpan belt, Tabletop belt etc.