Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google “The technological giants”

While these four technology giants are leaders in their own galaxy, but with ever increasing market and marketing fluidity, the interaction and competition among these giants is increasing.

Marketing had revolutionized publishing, but the desktop age has move aggressively towards mobile era, in such a scenario, would Search Survive? Or is it the dawn of the “Socio-commerce” platforms? As more sessions are started with visit on social networking sites, is it the right time for marketing firms to court the favors of “socio-commerce” platforms.


a. Collectively, they are 1 trillion dollars generating power houses.

b. The use of “customized cookie” by Amazon, illustrates impeccable innovation.

c. Apple leads all competitors in mobile e-commerce access.

d. Apple is the source of 60 percent of mobile application downloads.

e. Google has search engine innovation across all plausible categories.

f. Google still holds the lead in generating revenues via online advertising.

g. Google has the most diversified product line.

h. Facebook is the bench mark of social networking platform.

i. Most used application/portal in the study.

j. If perfectly executed, has the potential to become largest “socio-commerce” platform.


a. Online advertising still lags other major platforms (37 Billion USD)

b. Only 15% of the retail spending was via Internet mode or supported by it.

c. Dependency of Google on online advertising revenues.

d. Apple is facing challenges with methods to compete Google on all fronts.


a. Potential of increasing consumer time on online platforms.

b. Marketers can send more directly targeted ads to users via Facebook.

c. Google can form brand association in future.

d. Increasing online spending by users, provide potential opportunity for increased online advertising spending.


a. Since Apple generates majority of revenues by retailing of its devices, it faces serious competition from devices being developed on other major platforms.

b. Difficulty in developing sustainable profit and growth model in China and other Asian markets.

My alternatives Suggestion:

a. Efforts in developing digital marketing segment; As all these companies will gain an advantage when the segment itself grows bigger, thus providing wider scope of opportunities.

b. Using available data to analyze the current marketer behavior and then develop strategy for increasing share within the current market segment.

The best way forward for these technology giants is to develop marketing plan directed towards advertisers currently using offline modes of advertising. Educating the target audience about the profitability and viability of online mode will help in developing the online advertising market. This would provide optimal ground for an optimal competitive environment in future.

The U.S. marketers spend about 176 Billion USD on Offline advertising, while the net spent on the online mode was mere 37 Billion USD. If these 4 technology super powers adopt strategy to first develop the Online market to its full potential, it will provide an opportunity for co-existence and symbiotic association. This will enhance the marketers trust in the online segment and will encourage development of “Socio-commerce” platforms in future.

Limitations: The strong association of people with the offline mode is a huge challenge to overcome. While the younger generation would be easier target to lure, the rest of the population will provide a major obstacle for marketers. This has been the obstacle which has restricted the marketers to use conventional or offline modes till date. Pursuing marketers in such a scenario would be a major challenge for the technology giants.