Sonos: innovating before it feels the time is right

The relatively ‘new’ contender in consumer electronics initially differentiated themselves with a focus on wireless. They now lead the wireless speaker market, a segment that has recently become the first choice for consumers. Sonos, founded in 2002, took 14 years to get to where it is: a long-term vision from the founders – but one they knew would inevitably pan out. While it required a bottomless reserve of grit, their passion and perseverance pulled through.

Lesson learned:

Foresight shouldn’t be confused with fortune telling: understanding the coming decade isn’t about crystal balls, it’s about reading the signals, using common sense and, most importantly, understanding that change is inevitable and believing in it. Computers will get cheaper, the internet will get faster, machines will do more and more of our work. Some will get on the bandwagon, and some will miss it.

The only thing that’s certain is change; and it’s getting faster. If you’re not thinking 10 years ahead, you’re already dying.

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