Create and perfect a morning routine that eliminates decision points. Eat the same thing for breakfast, wear the same basic outfit, leave for work at the same time and commute exactly the same way every day.
Doing Good Work Is Hard, So Don’t Sabotage Yourself
Sam Spurlin

I’ve grown a little wary of routines tbh. To me, every decision is an opportunity to listen to life. Because life happens at every turn, even — and maybe especially — in the tiny choices we make every day. Our needs change. Our wants too. All the time. Despite what our mechanistic societies want us to believe.

Not to say that you’ll inevitably turn into a soulless machine if you ignore the slightest changes [though if you start ignoring the bigger ones, you definitely will]. But I’m convinced you can derive significant amounts of pleasure and happiness by staying aligned with yourself in these seemingly insignificant moments.

So yeah, creating routines might be good to preserve willpower. But at the same time, I wouldn’t be surprised if these small human moments actually recharged your willpower batteries too :) Does it make sense ?