iVirtual Technologies is proud to announce its exclusive agreement with Ziva Dynamics, an industry leader in virtual character simulation, to develop the “iVirtual Gene Pool” — a machine learning technology which, once created, will enable everyone with a mobile phone or laptop to create an ultrarealistic and anatomically accurate Virtual Human, for free.

The iVirtual Gene Pool will be developed by leveraging Ziva Dynamics’s comprehensive character simulation technology to create detailed anatomical models of thousands of humans reflecting the statistical diversity of the world’s population. …

Introducing iVirtual, developers of the world’s first “Virtual Human Ecosystem”

Imagine what life would be like if you had access to an ultra realistic, anatomically accurate, virtual version of yourself.

You could shop in an online store and virtually try on clothes, ensuring a perfect fit on your anatomically correct virtual body before ordering. You could play games and communicate in social media as yourself, not just as an avatar. You could attend virtual meetings, learn in virtual classrooms, and participate in virtual gatherings with colleagues and friends from all over the world. The opportunities are endless.

Now imagine that…


iVirtual will soon make it possible for everyone with a smartphone or laptop to become an anatomically accurate Virtual Human.

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