Love the Work You’re With

even if you hate your job

I stopped loving my job in advertising in 2009. I didn’t quit until 2011. For 2+ years, I wanted something else. I knew I couldn’t jump ship right away, so I slowly built my own business and worked strategies into my day job to make it more enjoyable. I had a responsibility to the employers that were paying me and to my family who depended on my income.

When you decide you want to do something different, it’s easy to become complacent and apathetic. When you’ve lost that loving feeling at work and you work for or with people who make your job difficult, it can be a challenge to stay positive and focus on what matters.

Simple secrets to love your work even when you hate your job.

Measure differently
Instead of measuring your success and happiness in numbers, money, or specific targets, think about people.

When you are focused on the bottom dollar, email, spreadsheets, and exceeding goals, you are forgetting the most meaningful part of doing business. Regardless of your position, you have an incredible opportunity to help people.

If you meet the people you help, learn about their lives and think about them when you are doing your work. If you have a behind the scenes job, remember that you are helping real people. They have families, dreams, hopes and worries just like you.

Your work matters to their work.

Build in downtime
Don’t wait until after hours to unwind, exercise or eat a leisurely meal. You can take breaks even on your busiest days.

Your inbox will be full tomorrow morning even if you work overtime, so take an extra 30-60 minutes to have a real lunch or sit quietly and listen to music. You will be more efficient and happier at work if you are rested and not completely overextended.

You’ve jumped through enough hoops.

Dump the Debbie Downers
If people in your workplace find out you don’t like your job, and they don’t like their job, you’ll become their new best friend. On the bad days, where hanging on for a few more hours seems impossible, suffer in silence.

Don’t attract people who cannot wait to commiserate and remind you why you hate your job. Instead, show gratitude for one positive thing that happened in your work day and leave the complaining and eye-rolling for the Debs.

Walk away from the energy vampires.

Move often
If you spend most of your work day sitting down, try standing for part of your work day. If you are in a car for much of your work day, pull over and do jumping jacks or stretch. Take mini walks around the office or your neighborhood depending on where you work.

Not only do you get to walk away from your job a few times a day, but fueling your body with oxygen and movement will fuel your brain with creativity and motivation.

Protect your sanity and your health.

Get your side hustle on
Instead of spending time and energy looking for a new job, create work you love. You can start creating work you love before you quit your job and even if never plan to quit your job. Developing something new and creating something you love will inspire your creativity, provide options and make a bad job better.

You deserve to do work you love.

You may never love your job, but you can choose to pleasantly plan your escape or simply love the work you’re with.

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