courtney carver

Plan to Be Surprised

When I was 8, I planned to be a flight attendant. When I was 12, I planned to be a photographer.

I never planned to be a bartender, customer service associate, or advertising director.

I never planned to be a writer. I never planned to start a blog.How could I? There was no such thing as the Internet when I was 8.

To a certain extent, we can plan our days, but we cannot plan our lives. We can imagine what we want our lives to be like, but we can never see the complete picture, because it hasn’t happened. We don’t know what we don’t know. We can hope for the best, expect the worst, or try any combination of mind control to make life be exactly what we want it to be.

We can make plans, change plans, attempt to dodge life’s curve balls and even resist change. All of those things are possible, but usually a big waste of time.

Because we are always changing, and the world is always changing, our plans will always change. Even if they are on our to-do lists or part of our 10 year plan.

The best way to embrace change and live a full life is…

  • loosen your grip on expectations
  • be open to opportunities
  • know what matters
  • let go to let in
  • spend less than you make
  • find the humor
  • stop measuring and comparing
  • be present
  • be grateful
  • seek out the joy
  • love deeply
  • be in awe every day
  • keep dreaming

There is a place between all or nothing, but when you are attached to a plan, it can be hard to see that. Release the hold on your plans to replace disappointment with surprise when you are faced with the unexpected.

The dynamic way our lives unfold is exciting. It’s sometimes scary, but mostly really amazing.

Knowing that nothing is for sure, the only way to proceed is to anticipate change and plan to be surprised.

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