Colombian Brides And Everything I Know About Them

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Hi, I’m Ben, I’ve spent years exploring the scene of international dating and mail order brides, and I’m here to tell you what I know. Today, our topic will be Colombian brides — what they are like on average and how to find a Colombian wife. Grab yourself a beer or two, and let’s get started.

I soon discovered that you can’t just go on Tinder or Bumble and look there for matches. These apps are designed for low-stakes meetings with people in your vicinity, and I was looking for a slow-burn, long-distance relationship, potentially meeting Colombian women ready for marriage and commitment. This is how I came across La-Date and LatiDate. They were okay, but I wanted to explore some more and signed up for TheLuckyDate, and LatinFeels. All of them were good, and I had a great time there, so I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

I’ve always had a soft spot for Colombia. When I was a nerdy teenager and felt lonely and misunderstood, I stumbled across One Hundred Years Of Solitude, and I ate it up. It was so good, and it described Colombia as such a colorful place. I used to Google pictures of Colombian mountains, cities, and people. My Spanish had improved because I wanted to go there one day and stopped missing classes. When I got older and had my heart broken many times, I decided to think out of the “singles in your town” box and look for a relationship with someone from another country. Naturally, Colombia was my first choice. I knew so much about it; it already felt almost like a familiar place. But where to meet potential Colombian brides?

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People call them mail order bride sites, and this may sound scary, like it’s something illegal. However, it’s not like that at all! These are just dating sites for women from different countries who want to get married to men from the US, Canada, or other developed nations. Although this stems from things like economic disparity and colonialism, everybody participates in this of their own free will. You can’t shop for Colombian mail order brides like they’re flip-flops. The term just implies that your relationship mainly develops online, and the woman arrives in your country after marriage.

If you think that Colombian women for marriage must be uneducated, rural, and forced to marry strangers by a drug cartel, you’ve been a victim of our shitty education system. Colombia is doing fine. It’s a highly urbanized post-industrial country with very high literacy rates. Although it struggles with paramilitary organizations and criminal groups, it’s far from collapsing. I’ve been there several times, and I assure you, it’s safe if you stay in big cities.

So, what are Colombian brides for marriage like? Speaking from my experience, they are mostly Mestizo or just white. Although Colombia has dozens of ethnic groups, these two account for the majority of the population. On average, Colombian women have strong features and tanned skin, and their hair color varies from dark blonde to black. Based on what I saw on dating sites (user profiles are very detailed and contain lots of information), they tend to be on the shorter side. From my experience, Colombians are shorter than Americans overall, so you won’t have much competition if you’re worried about being less than 6ft.

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A Colombian girl for marriage is proactive, and she’ll message you first if you look appealing to her. This is a huge perk of Colombian mail order bride sites — women are more interested in finding a suitable match than bored girls on Bumble. However, this isn’t a business transaction. You’ll have to show you’re a sane, well-mannered, and good-natured person to have a shot with a Colombian mail order wife. Despite the practical nature of this kind of dating, romance and mutual attraction are essential for a relationship to develop.

I guess, the rules for behaving with a Colombian bride are the same as with any potential partners. Don’t be rude, don’t make cringy jokes, and don’t ghost women if you have no desire to go on with communication. Also, it’s important to understand that talking to people from another culture can be tricky. We American guys often forget about this because we’re taught that the US is the best country on Earth, and nothing compares to it. It can be very refreshing to talk to someone brought up in a different way, but there’s also a risk of offending them by bringing up some dumb racist shit. Don’t be condescending and don’t think that Colombian brides for marriage will be impressed just by the fact of chatting with an American.

So, you ventured online to meet Colombian brides, what next? Browse profiles, send winks, try to figure out what you’re looking for. Try to be consistent with your visits — it’s crucial for developing a lasting long-distance relationship online. Personally, I’d recommend showing your funny side more because Colombian women tend to like guys who joke. Read more about how to impress a Colombian girl here.

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When do you meet in person? I’d recommend not to rush this. You must be sure she’s real, and you have mutual feelings. My own experience shows that six month of online dating is sufficient for maturing your relationship and being ready for the next step. Not to sound cheap, but you’d also want to time your trip to Colombia during the low season — autumn and late spring. After all, you’ll have to spend a couple of weeks to go on several dates and make the trip worth your while. Plane tickets, a room in a mid-priced hotel, meals, and dating activities will cost you a couple of thousand dollars overall. Although you can go overboard with this, you’d better save money because a potential wedding and relocation of your Colombian mail order wife can be costly.

Overall, seeking Colombian brides for marriage is a viable option for those who feel unsatisfied with their romantic life. Although scammers do exist, they’re easily identifiable by immediate requests to send money, and their presence shouldn’t discourage you from your adventure. Just block and report them, and the site will do the rest. Remember to be genuine (yes, it’s a cliche, I know), and you’ll be fine. You’ll thank me later when you get a wife from Colombia.

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