Thai Mail Order Brides And I: My Experience & Insights

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Are Thai brides a cliche or a viable option? While you think about it, let me introduce myself. I’m Ben, and I’ve been on a quest for an international partner for a long time. Now I help men like myself by explaining things I wish someone had told me before. I can tell you how to choose a mail order bride site, how to charm women online and how to visit your bride without breaking a bank. This post will be about brides from Thailand. I will tell a bit of my story with them, comment on the common perception of Thai women and give you some tips. Let’s go!

If you go to big reliable sites like SakuraDate, EasternHoneys or OrchidRomance, you’ll see enough profiles of girls from Thailand to choose from. Pretty decent sites like NaomiDate and TheLuckyDate also boast a big number of Thai mail order brides. Browse through their profiles, have a chat, and you’ll see they are sweet women with good manners.

Thailand is unfortunate to be associated with sex tourism. For many Western dudes, this country has this gross vibe, and they don’t think of it as a place to look for a wife. Which is a shame, since regular Thai people lead very normal lives and have great moral values.

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Although Thai women aren’t my thing, personally, I’ve met plenty of people interested in them, and I did my research. How to meet Thai brides? Sites that specialize in this kind of dating, like the ones I’ve mentioned above, are the best option. They’re different from your regular dating apps designed for hookups. Men and women who register there want to get married. They’re looking for a serious commitment and someone they can spend the rest of their lives together. This is why these sites are different from mainstream apps.

Profiles are usually very detailed, and it’s possible to filter out users based on multiple parameters. Communication goes slowly because you have to get to know your potential spouse. Messages, video calls, and other options are typically paid features. From my experience, this accounts for the lion’s share of how much is a Thai bride.

When you sign up, pay attention to what features are available and how much they cost. This is a great way to cut down expenses — if you know that video calls make you nervous, opt for a platform without them. Stick to a website that doesn’t offer too many things you won’t use because all those bells and whistles tend to make prices higher overall.

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In and of itself, sites with Thai brides for marriage and Asian brides in general aren’t that different from regular online dating. You find women that seem the most attractive and start chatting with them. If you see red flags, block and move on. If everything goes well, continue communication. If you have lots of thoughts and feelings to express, opt for long-form letters. Video calls are great to prevent catfishing, but they may be very expensive, especially if you need a translator to make a conversation possible.

Be mindful of grifters, which are prevalent in online dating! When I was only starting out, I encountered a woman who seemed nice and warm, but after a week of chatting she told me her sister got really sick, and her family was struggling to pay for her treatments. Me, being a naive dumbass, got worried she might get too busy working three jobs to get the money and offered to send some. Actually, this was a direct violation of safety rules, but I was too overwhelmed by the brave new world of online dating to read Terms and Conditions. Needless to say, when she got my money and disappeared, the support team told me they couldn’t refund me, which is understandable. You can find a Thai bride for real, but don’t be stupid.

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One more thing — there’s a stereotype that it’s easy to fall prey to trans women posing as Thailand ladies for marriage. This is complete transphobic bullshit! Yes, Thai society sees genders differently than Western cultures, and is more comfortable with the idea of people changing their gender, but it’s not about catfishing or any kind of deception. The majority of sites require user verification, so if you encounter a trans woman there, she’s a valid user of the platform and not a scammer.

If you’re a white American, communication with a Thailand mail order wife can be tricky because we typically lack cultural sensitivity and don’t know how to behave when talking to someone from a different background. But this shouldn’t discourage you from pursuing Thai brides. Do your research, I can’t emphasize this enough. Go read about Thai culture on Britannica to cover your basics. It may surprise you, but this country is more progressive in some aspects than the US. Thailand has a significant number of women in senior positions in the corporate world, and their number of female CFOs is unprecedented globally. Finding a wife in Thailand will be a challenge for men who’re intimidated by educated women.

Despite all that, it’s not uncommon to meet a Thailand girl for marriage. Women there are encouraged to marry and manage a household, and many believe they should choose family over a career. I’ve met lots of mail order brides who share this belief. They say that often it gets too hard to battle the cultural pressure to settle down, and they give in. However, they opt out of dating local men and look for more progressive foreigners instead. This is why they won’t tolerate any creeps or perverts. Forget all the dumb jokes about ping pong, they won’t have it. Treat a Thai woman for marriage with respect. Don’t forget it’s a dating site, after all, and they are making a choice too. You won’t buy a Thai wife with just gifts, you must be really interested in her and show genuine emotions.

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Once you’ve established a connection, don’t rush things and keep communicating. Talk about your interests and values. It’s crucial to have compatible attitudes towards family roles, children, and money management. In a way, this is easier for online dating because you can learn all the important things before kicking off a relationship in real life. Sometimes people get too head over heels for a partner and overlook critical flaws. You won’t have that if you spend several months chatting with a woman you like. Only after that you should plan a date in real life and develop your relationship. Don’t rush into this, please.

I’d like to finish this post by stating once again that you can find a real Thai bride if you know where to look and know how to behave. Check out the sites like SakuraDate, EasternHoneys or Naomidate, I can vouch for them personally. I’ve grown as a person once I started this journey and learned a lot about other cultures and people who live in this world. You should see this as an opportunity to become more sophisticated and well-traveled. Even if you don’t end up tying the knot with a Thai woman, you’ll have lots of new experiences. Be sincere and cautious, these qualities will take you far.

I’d like to hear from my readers about their experiences with Thai brides for sale. Please share your thoughts, it’s always interesting.

I use some affiliate links in this post, which means if you make a purchase through them, I will get a reward from partners, with no extra cost for you.

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