The 5 Must Have Marketing Videos for Your Business

So you’re considering online video or are ready to make the switch from more traditional TV or radio advertising for YouTube? That’s great! Because according to a Deloitte Institute survey, the internet has finally caught up with TV as media consumers’ most popular entertainment activity.

Now you have decided to join the many other smart businesses utilising online video marketing, it’s important to have a basic understanding of the terms and types of offerings available to ascertain which video content strategy is right for you.

Online video involves many considerations before you can even get started, and it’s also good to evaluate these decisions during your online campaign to see whether your strategy needs adapting. Among these considerations are: the length of your video, what online platform you will use, how will the viewers interact or engage with your content, and how the video will lead the viewer to the selling or information-gathering process of their buying cycle.

Types of online video

  1. Brand story
     At Innovate Media we believe strongly in the power of storytelling and our brand story videos are one of the most common videos we produce for our clients. These videos are typically around 2–3 minutes long and use a business’s passion and backstory as a driving force. Storytelling, when done right, can compel an audience to engage with more attention than they give any other online content. Brand story videos are typically embedded into a business website homepage because a first time visitors will watch this video to learn more about your business and become connected with your brand. They can also be used across social media and as the channel trailer for your YouTube channel.
  2. Brand awareness clips
     Getting your content noticed in the busy world of social media requires eye-catching subject matter. Especially now with Facebook’s auto play function that rolls video without audio, visuals are of utmost importance. Brand awareness clips are short, around 30secs-1 minute and can capture a businesses overall story (the main draw card to your business), showcased as visually as possible and should work just as well with or without audio or dialogue. Usually produced for Facebook or YouTube marketing campaigns, these clips are proven to work best as a series, in which each video captures a separate story within the businesses overarching brand story. And with the right content strategy in place, this style of video can often be re-purposed for other social video platforms such as Vine, Instagram and SnapChat.
  3. Client Stories (not Testimonials)Video is such a powerful vehicle to communicate experience, and using it strategically will work wonders for any business. Leverage your loyal customers by asking them to feature in client story films which highlight the benefits your business has brought them.. As opposed to a standard, dry video testimonial, a good client story film should take the viewer on an emotional journey with the client through to the success and/or happy outcome that your business or service has provided them. Ultimately if you can engage your potential customers in stories from your existing customers and do so authentically, more and more potential customers will respond, translating into great results for your bottom line. These videos are typically shorter, around 1 minute and work well across social media platforms such as Facebook or YouTube and definitely on your business website.
  4. Video blogging
     One of the easiest ways to integrate online video into your overall marketing strategy is to start doing some video blogging. Video blogs (or Vlogs) are short, concise, informative or educational video clips that aim to share knowledge with your audience. They are not designed to sell but rather position the people behind the brand as experts in their fields, to humanise the business and add a personal approach to a more complete strategy. Video blogs are not only great for your search engine results but can also work in a number of fantastic ways to help reach your clients. These videos are typically 1–3 minutes long and uploaded primarily to YouTube and embedded onto a business website, but also receive high engagement on Facebook if uploaded organically to the site.

Whatever type of online video you choose to work within your marketing strategy, it’s important to remember that quality is key. And to choose a production company that puts quality and strategy high on their list of priorities. If you’d like to get in touch with Innovate Media for a free online video strategy consultation then you can contact us through our website

These are those animated videos I’m sure you’ve been seeing on many company sites, either explaining what their business does, or explaining a particular aspect of their service. These companies understand that video used in this way will boost their conversion rate by offering valuable and in depth information about their product or service. uring a buying cycle, potential customers will want to find out everything they can about your business, and if a quality explainer video can do just that, they’re more likely to convert. These videos are typically animated, 3–5 minutes long and are used mainly on a company website in conjunction with YouTube as the video hosting platform.

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