The Inspiration Lie
Tobias van Schneider

Good article! One thing that used to be successful for me back in the day was to go for an in-between solution that involves setting yourself a very specific task or goal (e.g. come up with a story that centers around a suicidal clown) but not trying to get to the solution in a structured manner. That way (I felt) my subconscious processes were working out all possible variations of that story and working all kinds of daily influences into this and at some point — most often frustratingly late — ring the door with something quite cool. There is a specific technique in writing where you’re supposed to take your protagonist/character with you through your day, like an invisible companion. That kinda works on the same principles I feel, keeping your automatic functions busy while not forcing your actual attention on it. There is also lots of research that reinforces the point that automatic processes work way faster than those you attend to consciously — so why not let them do the heavy lifting? ;)

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