Debunking Fitness Myths

The health and fitness industry is saturated with information, not all of which is correct or helpful. Some of which can actually be damaging. This breif article is here to cut the bullshit and tell you the truth.

1. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

This is completly dependent on the individual. For some, yes brekafast is important, they may be training early and to get the most out of there training they should be consuming 10–20 % of there daily protein and carbohydrates. For others, no its not important, they may be dieting and find it more benefcial to dealy there first meal beacuse this helps keep them in track, or they may be following a fasting protcal that delays the first meal until midday. At the end of the day its the total amount of calories in Vs the total amount of calories out that has the real effect not what time of day they are consumed. Don’t be imprisoned by meal timings.

2. Carbs Make you Fat

This is one of the worst. Cutting out food categories isn’t healthy and nor is obsessing about them. Carbohydrates as a sole macronutrient do not make you fat. What makes you gain fat is consuming more calories then you are expending, or being in a caloric surplus. So removing carbohydrates from your diet will bring your overall calories down, therefore potentially putting you in a calorie deficit which will help you lose weight. This does not mean though, that they make you fat. A carbohydrate has 4 cals per gram, a gram of fat has 9 cals per gram so it would make mathematical sense to eat ‘no fat diets’ rather than no carbs. No one does this though, because it has not been pushed by the media, a ‘big name’ and is not as easy as cutting out carbohydrates. Now I’m not saying that this is the way to go at all, I would actually advise against it for hormone reasons and the fact that fats are essential to our diet, I’m purely just making an example of how cutting out certain macronutrients will lower your calories therefore help you lose weight.

3. You need to eat 6 meals a day

So something you’ll here often in the fitness community is that you MUST eat every 2 hours which normally equvilates to eating 6 meals a day, with the normal reason being that this will improve your meatbolism or get it ‘firing’.

Correct eating will make your metabolism go up because of something called TEF (thermogenic effect of food)

Incorrect eating more often will make your metabolism go up even more

Why Not?

Well firstly TEF at an average is 10% of food you intake, so for instance with a 400 calorie meal the TEF would be 40 cals. Now lets take two indivudals looking to lose weight, they are both on 2100 calories but one person belives there weight loss will be far greater becuase they eat 6 times a day, so they would eat 6 meals of 350 calories meaning that there averge TEF would be:

10 / 350 = 35 x 6 = 210

Ok so now lets take our other weight loss indivdual, whos going to stick to eating 3 times a day. So that would be 3 meals at 700 calories now lets do the math:

10 / 700 = 70 x 3 = 210

There we go so when people talk about firing the metabolism for weight loss and how frequent you eat is of upmost improtance its crap, TEF is efected by the overall amount of calories not by how often you eat them.

4. Juice cleanses or detoxes

Utter bullshit the body detoxes itself, they do nothing. Save your cash.

Thankyou for reading, I hope that these were helpful and get your closer to achieving your fitness goal. For more free info:

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