Burton Cummings


It’s so <enter-superlative-here> to happen across your words on Medium. As far Tinkerbell dust is concerned, I’m a recent convert to your work, and I’d just like you to know that my cadre of music-loving friends here in Central Ohio share these thoughts and feelings regarding your performances.

More importantly than what the gods can or cannot apprehend, the audience hears the truth — whether that be “authenticity”, “production values”, “chops”, or any impossibly fraught term bandied about by the ever-expanding and decentralized music press.

I don’t necessarily have anything to add to your musings, aside from a shared recognition of the place and specificity of music in our lives, and an appreciation of the everyday wonder of having artists such as yourself appear in our content feeds. The intimidation of the availability of everything-at-all-times is dwarfed by the connection we make with the art that matters to us, and the possibilities inherent in the new mediums available to us as producers, listeners, readers, and travelers alike.