Barack Obama as a neo-fascist icon
George Dienhart

*Deep sigh* Okay, I’ll take the bait. Obama is not a fascist. The Affordable Care Act is not comparable to fascist ideology, but a genuinely well-intentioned attempt to provide healthcare to those who need it most. Is it flawed? Yes. Fascist? Of course not.

And now to gun control. Leaving out the fact that Obama was attempting to close some of the loopholes, not repeal the 2nd Amendment, a basic knowledge of politics will tell you that a change to the amendment requires 2/3 of both Houses of Congress, and 3/4 of state legislatures, the majority of which are controlled by Republicans. Something about camels and needles perhaps? But sure. 'Jackbooted thugs’.

You are embarrassing yourself by yelling 'Nazi!’ at those you disagree with, something I thought was limited to the worst elements of the left.

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