How to make the best first impression

Filling out your profile can make the difference

With Apploi, you only ever need to complete your profile once.

  • If you wouldn’t say it in person or at the interview, don’t write it down!
  • We all make the occasional mistake but accurate spelling and grammaris important. It’s a good idea to get any written text checked by someone else before submitting your application.
  • Avoid one word answers. This comes across as if you’re not invested or interested in the job. A good way to work on this would be to answer the questions using the question itself.

For example:

Question: Why do you want to work at my store?
Answer: I would like to work at your store because…

Personal branding

Make yourself into a brand that is attractive to employers.

  • Develop your personal story — sharpen those storytelling skills!
  • If you have gaps in your resume, for example, if you were taking care of your children for 6 months rather than working, make sure you feel comfortable explaining this.
  • See yourself as a movie. Would an employer want to watch it?
WHO are you?
WHAT are you passionate about and interested in?
HOW can you transfer your skill set to this job?
  • Show you are up for the challenge.
  • Think about any personal or professional challenge you have overcome and how this shows you are up for the new job!

Does your email address say that you’re serious about finding that job?

  • Get rid of your old email if you need to. Groovygirl183 is not as cool as you thought in high school… using your name is more professional.
  • Avoid using numbers with provocative combinations or birthday/graduation dates. Think ahead: Your email address is for the long term and not just for applying for this job.
  • Avoid political or religious statements. Even if you love pizza, keep it out of your email.

Social Media DO’s and DON’TS

  • DO think before you post.
  • DO post your own ideas and interact with individuals and companies that have similar interests.
  • DO join industry groups and follow company pages.
  • DO NOT engage in Twitter/Facebook arguments, wars, trash talk or trolling.
  • DO NOT forget to change your privacy settings.
  • DO NOT post inappropriate or questionable photos. Your employer WILLcheck up on social media during the interview process and during eventual employment.

Stay tuned for next week’s tips on video questions and interviews. You will find out the best way to present yourself in both, so don’t miss out!

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