Day 1: The Big, Inspiring, Crazy Vision

$60k in 60 days.


My vision is so inspiring, so bright and so magnetic that I’m forcing myself to level the fuck up.

How the fuck am I going to achieve that?

Providing the BEST digital marketing services in Australia to local businesses.

The Morning Magic

What’s my inspiring, big, throbbing vision?

It’s 2022 and my business and life is on fucking fire. I’m making $2.2 million every fucking month. Month flows easily and frequently. I am living life to the fullest. My Mum has an incredible beachfront house in St Kilda. My sister has assistant 5 days a week with 3 nights so Mum can take a break. The carers are fucking incredible. They look after my sister like an only daughter. Mum absolutely loves life and drives around in her dream car — 1972 Holden Monaro GTS HQ with the biggest grin on her face. You can hear her roaring down the street a mile away. The beast fucking roars. It’s an absolute beast of a car. Bernie is absolutely jealous. It’s so fulfilling to see how happy she is. Working those 60, 80 and 100+ hour weeks in my late 20’s was totally worth it. That’s my ultimate fulfilment.

What are you grateful for?

  1. I am so grateful for the incredible tools and technology I have at my fingertips. Allowing me to travel the world while growing my business.
  2. I am so grateful to be alive in the greatest time in history. With the best tools, technology and resources available for me to maximise my potential.
  3. I am so grateful for my amazing and gifted body. It’s an absolute masterpiece. It allows me to push my business hard to turn my dreams into reality.
  4. I am so grateful for me insane ambitions and actions. My vision is fucking huge and my work ethic makes it become real. Nobody works harder than me.
  5. I am so grateful to have incredible food to eat that nourishes my body. To have clean and cold filtered water that hydrates me. To have supplements that fuels me.

What’s my powerful and alpha af affirmations?

  1. I am unlimited with potential and limited with time.
  2. I am ruthlessly committed and flawlessly execute.
  3. I am going all in and letting nothing stop me.

What’s my goals for the next 3 years?

  1. To generate over 8 figures a month.
  2. To financially support my Mother and Zara.
  3. To generate 7 figures a month from smart investments.

What’s my purpose statement?

The purpose of my life is to maximise my potential. To be all I can be. To go all fucking in. To leave no stone unturned. To be on fire all day. To create the best life for myself, my family and my partner. To have no limit on my life. To travel, live, eat, wear whatever the fuck I want. The WETFIW lifestyle. Living life to the max. No limits or constraints. And taking those that are closest to be on the journey. The ones that support me and are relying on me to produce.

What do I commit to today?

I commit to being focused as fuck on the most important tasks to make my dreams a reality. I only have 14 hours to work today and I’m going to make them count. Act as if someone is videoing me and it’s going to be shown to my grandkids. This is what fucking hard work looks like kids. If you have a huge vision, this is how to make it fucking happen.

What’s my goals for this year?

  1. Generate an extra $60,000+ MRR (monthly recurring revenue)

What’s my goals for this month?

  1. Get two new clients.
  2. Have the email outreach system built.
  3. Get bigger clients by offering new/bigger packages, not just SEO.
  4. Create the company website

What’s my goals for this week?

  1. Get Mary up to speed, updated with the new changes and sending emails daily.
  2. I don’t want to send any emails (low value tasks), that’s all Mary.
  3. Get 1 or 2 of the ninja’s to work on Facebook prospecting.
  4. Close Sash for Rocket SEO.
  5. Finish two pages of lux ecomm client.
  6. Get 1 of the ninja’s to optimise the PPL site pages.

What’s my goals for today?

  1. Email #1 ready to send (at 4 pm Aust time)
  2. 1 page done for ecomm client.
  3. Create the first batch with the right fields (profession/professions)
  4. Web Exposure “results” page
  5. Outline 10 emails ready to send.
  6. Send referral email to accountants for a client.
  7. Build a list of link opp’s for property infographic.

What are I excited for?

I am so fucking excited to make some huge progress in my business. Everything now ties to my big, inspiring, throbbing vision. It’s got me so jacked and ready to make shit happen. To turn my vision into reality. Minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. To make today my bitch.

What happened yesterday that was great?

  1. Got me food for most of the week.
  2. Studying Predictable Revenue which is fucking insane.
  3. Had lots of epic sex.

What’s my #1 traits for today?

  1. Focused.

How will I make the most amount of money today?

  • Sending emails.
  • Delivering excellence for property client.
  • Prospecting for FB management leads.

The Evening Evaluation

What was great about today?

  1. Created the fucking insane goal to make $60k in 60 days.
  2. Created my morning magic and evening evaluation to dominate the day.
  3. Setting up my daily domination to track the performance of my day.
  4. Got 14 cold emails created and ready to be uploaded.
  5. Woke up at 4:11 am.
  6. Super fucking inspired about the next 60 days.
  7. Had an epic review call with Sam and will get at least 2 referrals.
  8. Jonathan has $3k secured for 20 November.
  9. Back training at Crossfit, sweating my balls off in Bali in 31 degree heat.

How many of my daily goals did I achieve today?

Today I set 7 goals and achieved 1.

I achieved the biggest one though, hence taking it most of the day.

What were the top 3 positive things that happened today? What did I learn from them?

  1. My big and inspiring vision and goal forces me step the fuck up. It’s not about the goal, it’s about who I’m being. Be > Do > Have. I need to BE a bigger and better version of myself to DO what’s required to HAVE my vision turn into a reality.
  2. Setting up my high performance habits, such as my Morning Magic and Evening Evaluation. These are all tracked day-by-day to track my performance. I make it like a video game. Clear outcomes, visible scoreboard and always leveling up.
  3. Coming up with an insane referral strategy for one of our clients. We are getting great results for him. The best time to ask for referrals is when they are happy with the service and 6 tracked keywords have improved a total of 78 positions in the last 30 days.

What didn’t go to plan today? What did I learn from them?

  1. Setting 7 goals for the day and only achieving 1. In future, I’m only going to set 3 main goals with the “one thing”.
  2. Didn’t send out emails. Was working on all the emails first.
  3. Didn’t train the staff well. Communicate better with them.

What specific Revenue Generating Activities (RGA) did I do on today?

  1. Opportunity to get 2–4 referrals from a client who’s rankings we are crushing.
  2. A partner got a client setup for a $3k a month deal on Nov 20.

Was I on or off today? Why?

I was on… on fucking fire. I have the hardest bit of my business setup. The cold emails. Now just need to import them, set up the sequence and blast them out.

How would I rate my performance today out of 10?

6. My performance was decent but I need to continue training my team to maximise my time and results.

How can I perform better tomorrow?

  1. Have 3 clear goals.
  2. Plan the night before.
  3. Set an allocated time for personalised manual emails (1 pm — 2 pm).

What could I do to tomorrow to make more money?

  1. Work on my goals.
  2. Send more emails.
  3. Ask for referrals from other clients.

What’s my top 3 goals for the next 3 years?

  1. To generate over 8 figures a month.
  2. To financially support my family so they can live without any financial issues or limits.
  3. To generate 7 figures a month with #massivepassive

What are my top 3 tasks for tomorrow?

  • Send 100+ emails to batch 125.
  • Send 10 personalised manual emails.
  • Set up a “results” page on my site with case studies.

What thoughts came up today?

  1. I am on fucking fire.
  2. I am going to easily crush these goals.
  3. These goals are forcing me to level the fuck up.
  4. There is no limit on what I can achieve.
  5. I am one special mother fucker, ain’t nobody like me.
  6. Holy fuck, this is happening.

Any thoughts you want to “brain dump”?

  1. I’m keen to start prospecting in other countries.
  2. I’m going to focus on one industry for this week with personalised manual cold emails and absolutely dominate that. Become the authority. Make them say HOLY SHIT, I HAVE TO WORK WITH YOU!

Is there anything I would like my subconscious mind to work on tonight?

  1. Ways to maximise my team to generate more revenue in the next 60 days.