“Think of Ethereum as a decentralized World Wide Web.” — Joseph Lubin, Founder and CEO of ConsenSys.

Ethereum will eventually be able to run all of the different types of applications we currently have on our present internet infrastructure. But the difference is, power is given to the user instead of a centralized authority. Imagine a Facebook like application where the users, not the company, own the data. That is the potential of Ethereum.

ConsenSys was one of the few companies, selected from a pool of 2,274 applicants, chosen to attend the Dubai Future Accelerator. This is a 12 week program in Dubai that pairs companies and entrepreneurs with powerful partners to create solutions that will bring us into the future.

ConsenSys’s Jeremy Millar outlines the potential blockchain technology has to “disrupt” almost all industries, and the effects this could have on the global business world.

Jeremy Millar uses his broad experience to help guide ConsenSys projects forward. He is currently lending his expert knowledge to the ConsenSys Enterprise, Enterprise Ethereum, and Strategy & Corporate Development projects. If you wish to speak with him, please email him here.

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