ElectroRhino Sculpture

In support of the Taronga Zoo’s Wild! Rhino’s conservation project, Kennovations created a design for a rhinoceros life-size sculpture that is made from a fiber-like skin

Taronga Zoo launched a community art project in Australia to raise funds for the Black Rhino breeding program and in-situ conservation projects as initiated by Taronga Zoo. Along with this goal, it is also an effort from Taronga Zoo to raise awareness for Rhino conservation. Many Australian artists submitted their own rhino designs for the exhibit that has taken to the streets of Sydney and greater NSW as lead and directed by Taronga Zoo, The Wild! Rhinos.

Kennovations through an intern, Jane Tuinstra, submitted their own rhino interpretation of modern technology. She created a design made of black carbon fiber where the lining of the rhino was would be finished with a neon light, giving the rhino sculpture an electro modern look. “ElectroRhino is meeting today’s technology as art, the LED technology will be applied for illumination at night, which would be perfectly displayed where there’s a lot of night life,” Jane explains. She said that The carbon material she used for the skin of the Rhino model replicates the strength and toughness of the Rhinosaurus.”

An industrial product design student from the Netherlands, Jane is also on an exchange program for her tertiary studies in Australia

This rhino sculpture made by Jane was processed and created within a period of 12 weeks involving research for the design and appropriate materials to use, prototyping, and final construction. When the rhino sculpture was finished, the final process was the painting of its entire body using a glossy black paint and application of tube lighting that gave the sculpture the neon effect when lit up.There were 125 rhinos all in all that were being displayed and exhibited in places around Sydney, Australia. Kennovations made the designs for the concrete plinth on which each sculpture was attached during the exhibit

For more information on Taronga Wild! Rhinos, visit www.taronga.org.au/wild-rhinos.
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