ConnectScale OST POC Alpha III Submission

We are honored to continue our development partnership with OST and today we are happy to share that we have completed integrating the new OST APIs as part of the OST KIT Alpha Phase III: Embedded Wallet-Lite Challenge. Building on the work we previously completed as part of the OST Alpha Phase I and II challenges we successfully integrated the Wallet and Ledger APIs into the iOS version of the ConnectScale Fishing App.

Watch this video to see how we implemented the APIs

Summary of the OST KIT Alpha Phase III Challenge Transactions:

Company to User Transactions:

User Add a Catch = 1053

New User Registration Bonus = 37

User to Company Transactions:

User Purchase Promo Code = 94

What problem does your project solve for and what was the user need for creating your token economy?

We are building ConnectCoin and our Branded Token economy to fuel user enrollment and increase user engagement within our ConnectScale Fishing app by being able to provide fungible rewards and incentives to our users.

What was your key goal behind doing the challenge?

We view the User Wallet as the most important aspect of introducing and keeping our user engaged with our Branded Token Economy. Our main goal for OST Alpha Phase III was to use this challenge to test how difficult it would be to implement the OST Wallet and Ledger APIs into our platform.

How did you plan the design for your wallet features?

We wanted to keep the theme and design similar to our existing app so we used a simple and clean UX/UI to implement the Wallet Features in our existing iOS App. We used the Balance API to provide each user to quickly see their current balance on their Profile page. From there users can tap to view the Coin Wallet where we use Balance, Action, and Ledger APIs to show current balance and transaction history. The transaction history is a scrollable list showing type of transaction, date/time of transaction, and amount of transaction. We color coded the Amounts with Green Font to indicate Credit of coins that the user had earned and Red Font to indicate debit of coins for outgoing transactions.

What did you like about using these APIs?

We discovered a couple of bugs with dates when pulling in the API Ledger for transactional history and experienced some issues affecting the speed of our App when implementing the Wallet and Ledger APIs but overall the implementation of the APIs was fairly smooth and easy.

What did you learn about designing these wallet features?

We will need to give our UX some more thought when implementing User to User and additional User to Company transactions. Being able to use the Ledger APIs and testing different scenarios will be important before implementing our economy and staking and minting ConnectCoin into the production version of our app once OST launches on Mainnet.

For more information be sure to visit our Website and follow us on Twitter ConnectScale

For additional information on our previous OST Alpha challenges and our product watch these videos:

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